Open Education Resources (for home and classroom)

Education in life is much different than earning a degree. While it’s very important to earn a professional degree or higher level certification in a chosen field, it is just as important to become a lifetime learner. Learning new information in your own field or other fields not only opens doors for yourself but will also rub off on your coworkers and children who will become smarter for the simple fact you are smarter. In this way, we can all work together to set higher standards for each generation.

This page also offers information for those students or adults who are practicing for an upcoming tests at work or for school and they need a little extra push. We can’t remember everything all the time, so a few night of brushing up on old material could mean the difference between passing a test and moving forward in your career, or failing a test and being forced to start over. It will behoove students to pass the first time, but the material is here in case that doesn’t happen.

There may also be children or adults in remote or rural areas who can’t attend school for a variety of reasons. Free online education is so important to this group of people because they can still learn the material and progress in life until they are ready and able to attend college.

No matter where you are in life or in the world, you are reading this page because you want to learn, so with no farther ado, here is the list of websites which will help.

Typical Interests of Studies 

Coursera — “We provide universal access to the world’s best education.”

This is my all time favorite website for free education

Coursera is a website which offers completely free college level classes.

This is not a degree mill, nor can you earn a degree directly from this website, but there are many classes which offer completion certificates on this site. It’s a really good place to beef up your knowledge of a subject, pamper yourself with self improvement, prepare for an interview or promotion, or add knowledge to your resume if you’ve been away from college for too long.

I cannot stress how wonderful this site is to those who are interested in free online education.

Almost anything you can think of is located on this website.

Free College Classes –