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“World View® is pioneering a new frontier at the edge of space and leading the way in the emerging stratospheric economy.”

“Our team at World View is truly world class, including a team of retired NASA Astronauts, a former NASA Associate Administrator for Science, Biosphere 2 designers and crew members, International Space Station scientists, and world experts in high-altitude ballooning and human spaceflight. Making innovative use of proven technologies, together we are creating a unique opportunity to open a new frontier for discovery in nearspace.”


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World View Enterprises

The team of experts combine time tested technology with a new way of thinking.

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World View Enterprises Team

What exactly does World View Enterprises do?

“World View’s disruptive Stratollite flight platform enables previously unthinkable applications at a fraction of the cost of existing technology. Stratollites serve a variety of mission functions – from short duration research flights to long-duration flights over specific areas of interest – and serve a broad range of critical commercial needs and applications.”

Why is any of this important? 

“Stratollites offer all the advantages of high-altitude balloons – low-cost, rapid deployability, and low-impact flight – with an innovative new development: the ability to fly a variety of trajectories – from circumnavigating the Earth to persistence over a specific location.”

Statollites can be used for communications, weathers, remote sensing, and research.


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Stratollites: Innovation for the future


But what about the human flights? 

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But why?

When the planet is viewed from space, this experience can have tremendous impact on how we see ourselves, our planet, and our universe. For the future of the human race, it is  imperative that we find balance and sustainability working with our planet and the resources available and not destroy them.

We are on right on the edge of sending humans to live on another planet, it’s extremely important, and our responsibility, that we work together to solve many of the problems on Earth (environmental, ecological, societal, and political) so we can take these lessons with us to our new future home planet and make a better future for generations to come.

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Voyage Flight Overview

Experience the feeling of seeing your planet in a whole new way.

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Edge of Space Voyage Flight – Video

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